Web Design Mistakes that Hurt SEO

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July 31, 2017

Web Design Mistakes that Hurt SEO

Sometimes, websites have common design mistakes that prevent them from being highly ranked or even picked up by SEOs. Here are a few examples, and what can be done to prevent those mistakes.

The first mistake is removing the H1 tag. The H1 tag determines what the website is about, and search engines will use those to determine the ranking of the website, so it is recommended to always include that tag. The second mistake is to add large images or videos. This will likely slow the speed of the website, causing it to rank lower in the search engine. This can be fixed by using a Google PageSpeed Insights Test that will display which images Google finds too large, allowing the website developer the chance to resize the image.

The third mistake is including pop ups on a website. Google recently warned websites to avoid using intrusive pop ups, as it can negatively impact user experience. It may be more beneficial to include non-intrusive advertising that wouldn’t have much of an effect on SEO.

The fourth mistake is quite common, and involves using text on images. This is because a search engine can’t “read” images, and therefore can’t detect the text on the image. Additionally, it will likely display poorly on mobile devices, which will negatively impact user experience.

The fifth mistake is employing infinite scrolling on a webpage. While search engines can see content on other pages, they won’t be able to find all the content on one page. This can be fixed by using multiple pages; or if the designer is determined to use infinite scrolling, Google Webmaster Blog provides instructions on how to make infinite scrolling search-friendly. Finally, the sixth mistake is having too little content on the page. This prevents search engines from bringing up the website when certain target words are used, and this can be fixed by having product/service pages on the website.

All web designers want their websites to be able to be picked up by search engines, and should therefore be careful not to make any mistakes that will negatively affect their search ranking.

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