Transfer domain name and replace domain name server

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July 10, 2017
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July 10, 2017

Transfer domain name and replace domain name server

Today I share with you what is the domain name transfer and how to replace domain name server.

Domain name registrar is a body appointed by the Domain Name Registry to manage the Internet domain name and provide domain registration services to the public.

When you register the domain name through the domain name registrar, you will usually choose to sign the annual service contract, get the domain name for one year, after expiration, the need for timely renewal of the domain name.

When building a site, perhaps the choice of virtual host and domain name registrar is different, this situation make you need to change the domain name server.

Domain name transfers are usually required in the following cases:

☑ Consolidate virtual hosting providers and domain registrars.

☑ New domain name is registered elsewhere.

☑ You need to sell the domain name and transfer the domain name to the buyer.

Familiar with the prerequisites for the transfer of domain names, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble afterwards.

☑ The domain name was successfully registered for more than 60 days and no other domain transfer was made within 60 days.

☑ Check whether the domain name server needs to be replaced when the domain name is transferred to the new registrar.

☑ Before the domain is transferred, you need to obtain the authorization code and cancel the whois information protection service.

☑ Make sure that all domain name contact information is valid and reply to the received domain name transfer confirmation message in time to complete the domain transfer request.

First of all, you need to unlock the domain name domain name: Login domain name control panel, change the domain name from the locked state to unlock state.

Then you need to get the domain name authorization code: click on the control panel to get the domain name authorization button or link, then the registered business will automatically send a message containing the domain name transfer code.

Finally, enter the new registrar to transfer: transfer to the domain name, fill in the authorization code, and then fill in the corresponding information according to the requirements of the registrar.

Successful transfer of domain names takes several days to complete, in order to prevent unauthorized domain transfer.

Domain name server referred to as “DNS”, is the domain name and the corresponding IP address conversion server. This also means that when someone sends a request to your domain name, the request will be sent to the domain name server to get the IP address to which the domain name points. In simple terms, when you enter a domain name, the domain name server points to the host which hosting the site.

Changing the domain name server is the process of pointing your domain to a specific host. Your current domain name server format is usually as follows:

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