iPhone 8 pre-fingerprint identification has determined

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June 29, 2017
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July 10, 2017

iPhone 8 pre-fingerprint identification has determined

iPhone 8 as the model of Apple’s tenth anniversary has been hot since last year’s iPhone 7 released.Since a new generation of models will be used in full-screen design, then cancel the front home button is also necessary, so where is the fingerprint recognition Location has always been a new hot of iphone’s fans.

The prior news shows that Apple encountered in the production of trouble, the screen under the integrated fingerprint identification module program will lead to serious consequences of production capacity, so the emergency program which the iphone’s fans mostly do not want to see that seems to leave the Touch ID post.

From the recent wind direction, Apple and supply chain partners have solved the problem of mass production under the screen integrated fingerprint recognition. According to news directly from TSMC, Apple will use the “optical fingerprint sensor”, allowing users to complete the certification through the screen.

Although Apple official will not certainly make the relevant confirmation before press the offical conference , but it seems that we seem to be more and more do not need to worry about Touch ID will move to the iPhone 8 behind the fuselage. If Apple really want to put the fingerprint sensor into the bottom of the screen, this year’s new iPhone will undoubtedly be more attractive. So those who worry about Touch ID will affect the iPhone 8’s user experience can be relaxed.

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