How to improve user experience

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July 10, 2017

How to improve user experience

If a web site loads too slow, it can not provide high-speed and high-quality Internet experience; If a site is not easy to find the target product and can not provide a simple browsing experience, This site will not popular and can easily lead visitors to leave away.

UX is the short name of user experience, it is a subjective feeling when customers use our products. UX is a user-centric design concept, which creates a good design of the site, products, APP, etc.Allowing users quickly and easily use its function.

If your site can not make visitors easily access, it will cause user loss. So, understanding the user experience (UX) is critical.

1.transpositional consideration

The first principle of UX is to put the user first. This requires you to seize the visitor’s mind and understand what they need.

But wanting to understand the visitor in depth is not simple, you ought not to take it for granted to speculate on the idea of users, others’ thoughts tend to be beyond your expectations.

Therefore, transpositional consideration must run through the design, innovation process. You can use the conversion role as a starting point, to cultivate your thinking from the user’s point of view, with a new perspective on your own websites, a clear understanding of the user’s real needs and objectives.

2.User access

Knowing the user can not just be derived from your guess on the behavior of visitors, you need to take the initiative to contact with the user, to further understand your target user groups.


Communicate with users and understand their experience with the site.

3.Conduct the usability test

After we understand the user’s intention, the next step is analyzing the users’ behavior when they search on the site, browse, buy goods.

Through the usability test, you can observe the users’ operating behavior when they visit the site, define the availability of problems, and solve these problems.

You can design the test tasks, take the initiative to find the problem, and make a record to help improve your website, provide a better user experience for future customers .

4.A / B test

How to achieve the best design through a clear path, which ultimately, A / B test.

The core A / B test is for the same design task or page, respectively, using two different programs, compare the actual effect of each program, from which to choose the best program to use. A / B test as a usability test, both to reflect the idea of the visitors, but also to track their actual behavior of the data.

A / B test may give you unexpected results, some change effect is minimal, but some changes may give the site more than 120% of the traffic. For your site’s quality, please turn on your A / B test!

5.Regular check

After the user experience design completed does not mean that you can once and for all, you need to check the performance of the site often, and make the site test as a long-term task. Once you have formed the habit of checking user behavior and try to think about the problem from the user’s point of view, optimizing the user experience will become easy and natural.

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