iPphone 8 pre-fingerprint identification has determined

iPhone 8 as the model of Apple’s tenth anniversary has been hot since last year’s iPhone 7 released.Since a new generation of models will be used in full-screen design, then cancel the front home button is also necessary, so where is the fingerprint recognition Location has always been a new hot of iphone’s fans.

The prior news shows that Apple encountered in the production of trouble, the screen under the integrated fingerprint identification module program will lead to serious consequences of production capacity, so the emergency program which the iphone’s fans mostly do not want to see that seems to leave the Touch ID post.

From the recent wind direction, Apple and supply chain partners have solved the problem of mass production under the screen integrated fingerprint recognition. According to news directly from TSMC, Apple will use the “optical fingerprint sensor”, allowing users to complete the certification through the screen.

Although Apple official will not certainly make the relevant confirmation before press the offical conference , but it seems that we seem to be more and more do not need to worry about Touch ID will move to the iPhone 8 behind the fuselage. If Apple really want to put the fingerprint sensor into the bottom of the screen, this year’s new iPhone will undoubtedly be more attractive. So those who worry about Touch ID will affect the iPhone 8’s user experience can be relaxed.

Transfer domain name and replace domain name server

Today I share with you what is the domain name transfer and how to replace domain name server.

Domain name registrar is a body appointed by the Domain Name Registry to manage the Internet domain name and provide domain registration services to the public.

When you register the domain name through the domain name registrar, you will usually choose to sign the annual service contract, get the domain name for one year, after expiration, the need for timely renewal of the domain name.

When building a site, perhaps the choice of virtual host and domain name registrar is different, this situation make you need to change the domain name server.

Domain name transfers are usually required in the following cases:

☑ Consolidate virtual hosting providers and domain registrars.

☑ New domain name is registered elsewhere.

☑ You need to sell the domain name and transfer the domain name to the buyer.

Familiar with the prerequisites for the transfer of domain names, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble afterwards.

☑ The domain name was successfully registered for more than 60 days and no other domain transfer was made within 60 days.

☑ Check whether the domain name server needs to be replaced when the domain name is transferred to the new registrar.

☑ Before the domain is transferred, you need to obtain the authorization code and cancel the whois information protection service.

☑ Make sure that all domain name contact information is valid and reply to the received domain name transfer confirmation message in time to complete the domain transfer request.

First of all, you need to unlock the domain name domain name: Login domain name control panel, change the domain name from the locked state to unlock state.

Then you need to get the domain name authorization code: click on the control panel to get the domain name authorization button or link, then the registered business will automatically send a message containing the domain name transfer code.

Finally, enter the new registrar to transfer: transfer to the domain name, fill in the authorization code, and then fill in the corresponding information according to the requirements of the registrar.

Successful transfer of domain names takes several days to complete, in order to prevent unauthorized domain transfer.

Domain name server referred to as “DNS”, is the domain name and the corresponding IP address conversion server. This also means that when someone sends a request to your domain name, the request will be sent to the domain name server to get the IP address to which the domain name points. In simple terms, when you enter a domain name, the domain name server points to the host which hosting the site.

Changing the domain name server is the process of pointing your domain to a specific host. Your current domain name server format is usually as follows:



Change the current domain name server, you only need to transfer the current domain name server information to the new host.

When you transfer a domain name with a domain registrar, the domain name server can point the domain name to any virtual host that is currently in use.


How to improve user experience

If a web site loads too slow, it can not provide high-speed and high-quality Internet experience; If a site is not easy to find the target product and can not provide a simple browsing experience, This site will not popular and can easily lead visitors to leave away.

UX is the short name of user experience, it is a subjective feeling when customers use our products. UX is a user-centric design concept, which creates a good design of the site, products, APP, etc.Allowing users quickly and easily use its function.

If your site can not make visitors easily access, it will cause user loss. So, understanding the user experience (UX) is critical.


1.transpositional consideration

The first principle of UX is to put the user first. This requires you to seize the visitor’s mind and understand what they need.

But wanting to understand the visitor in depth is not simple, you ought not to take it for granted to speculate on the idea of users, others’ thoughts tend to be beyond your expectations.

Therefore, transpositional consideration must run through the design, innovation process. You can use the conversion role as a starting point, to cultivate your thinking from the user’s point of view, with a new perspective on your own websites, a clear understanding of the user’s real needs and objectives.

2.User access

Knowing the user can not just be derived from your guess on the behavior of visitors, you need to take the initiative to contact with the user, to further understand your target user groups.


Communicate with users and understand their experience with the site.

3.Conduct the usability test

After we understand the user’s intention, the next step is analyzing the users’ behavior when they search on the site, browse, buy goods.

Through the usability test, you can observe the users’ operating behavior when they visit the site, define the availability of problems, and solve these problems.

You can design the test tasks, take the initiative to find the problem, and make a record to help improve your website, provide a better user experience for future customers .

4.A / B test

How to achieve the best design through a clear path, which ultimately, A / B test.

The core A / B test is for the same design task or page, respectively, using two different programs, compare the actual effect of each program, from which to choose the best program to use. A / B test as a usability test, both to reflect the idea of the visitors, but also to track their actual behavior of the data.

A / B test may give you unexpected results, some change effect is minimal, but some changes may give the site more than 120% of the traffic. For your site’s quality, please turn on your A / B test!

5.Regular check

After the user experience design completed does not mean that you can once and for all, you need to check the performance of the site often, and make the site test as a long-term task. Once you have formed the habit of checking user behavior and try to think about the problem from the user’s point of view, optimizing the user experience will become easy and natural.

Website Modular Design

When talking about modular design, we can think of the Lego blocks, mechanical components, monomeric compound, interior furniture, etc. The modular product can be assembled freely, and can also be retroactively separated, which adds the possibility of shapes.

Nowadays, modular design is everywhere, and becomes a trend. It is not only applied to hardware, but also increasingly applied to software interface and mobile app development.

What is modular design?

Modular design refers to the entire product is made up of small parts, different design elements lie in different places into components, and components can make up of module. Different modules can form a certain function area. Furtherly, these areas can make up of a template.

Analyzed by elements of user experience, a product can be divided into several layers: strategy layer, border layer, structure layer, framework layer, presentation layer. Actually, modular design means to build up the lower layer structure as modules, and open the higher layer to be customized by the user. User can fill in their contents on the basis of the modules, then the product evolves from standardized to personalized.

What’s the benefit of modular design?

  1. Sense of order.
  2. can be composed, replaced, maintained. Compared to carefully crafted customized, user’s requirements are increasingly satisfied by mass production. While, user can also customize their product. It can liberate productive force, and also make user focus on the high levelbuilding.
  3. Raise the working efficiency.When a web design project includes many pages, and need to be done by teamwork. Firstly, the leader arranges and designs the representative pages, and sets the guideline, which covers most of the modules. Then, assigns to the team members, everybody does a part, can copy and paste the existing modules. As a result, all the outputs are consistent and uniform.

How to do web modular design?

Web modular design is built on the grid system.

Firstly, build a grid system, make reasonable size as module, and divide the whole place into a series of blocks, and can place different contents.

Secondly, set the margin and padding.

Modular design should follow three principles.

  1. The scenario should be as more as possible and can be extended. If you add some function requirement later, the page should can fit the framework and module, to seek for the unification.
  2. Self adaptation.Don’t limit the width and height of the module. Make them adapt to the contents.
  3. Margin-bottom.Preset the consistent margin and gap for the same module and different module.

At last, insert the modules into the layout, and complete the style, a new page can be joined together very fast. Modules display vertical and horizontal, it looks like harmony and reasonable no matter to show or change responsively on different devices.

The simple modular design stresses the layout skill. Throughout all the internet, we can summarize many websites layout into theses types:

Perhaps it seems boring of the modular structure, different modules can shape into different styles, and when integrating design style and creative elements, it produces the thickness, and becomes lively with contrast, color and style (e.g. material design).


Modular design is applied in various fields with many benefits. We need to apply it in website design and master the methods.

The strongest mining manager do so to get Bitcoin

It is now growing faster than rocket speed,which may be the best adjective to describe the Bitcoin.At present,Bitcoin price break through the $ 3,000,last year at this time it worths less than $ 900.To be honest,I also has a Bitcoin once, at the end of this article,I will tell you how much money I sold it.

There are a few people who buy Bitcoin, and in fact, the most talented people are mining, and have you seen the mining equipment?Today, I will give you the opportunity to introduce on of the strongest mining machines.
Mining is practical use of the computer, ordinary computer can be used to mining, but the speed is a big problem, and the graphics card determines the speed of mining.The strongest mining machine with 8 GTX 1060 graphics cards, the price reached $ 2000, Due to the high load of work, so the mining process will produce a lot of noise.

At present, China’s largest mine is located in Leshan City.With 40P + of the force, every day to dig nearly 27 Bitcoins, the output value is nearly  $30,000 a day, but not that there is no cost, on the contrary, The cost of mining is quite large, the largest cost is not the computer, but in terms of electricity, one hour can spend 7000 kWh,the electricity costs nearly $ 350,000 a year.

Said so much, what is the Bitcoin? In fact,Bitcoin is a P2P algorithm to ensure that it is a digital currency, its total circulation and distribution speed are determined by a fixed algorithm, which no one can change. And two years ago,I also had get a bitcoin, but as a young man, I sold it at the price of $ 140.the smallest units sold is not a unit, but 0.001.


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